Experience a half day in the urban canal system and chain of lakes in Delray Beach for colorful and aggressive exotic Florida Peacock Bass.  Lake Ida is the place to battle these fish and your local guide/boat captain knows just where to go to catch them.

The boat will be fully loaded with high-quality rods, reels, hooks and artificial baits.  Your guide will share knowledge and experience and you will take home a souvenir of your big catch with perfect photos taken by your guide and spread on social media as you desire.

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Rates - including tax

Type Rate
Private Tour
(Total for 1 or 2 Persons Only, At Least One Must Be Age 18+):
Private Tour
(Total for 3 Persons Only, At Least One Must Be Age 18+):
Private Tour
(Total for 4 Persons Only, At Least One Must Be Age 18+):

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Tour / Activity Details

4 hours
7:00 am & 2:00 pm daily
Please Note: Time shown on Availability Calendar is for booking purposes only. The actual departure time may vary depending on the time of sunrise or sunset on the day of your reservation; actual departure time will be included with your E-ticket.

48 Hours Minimum Advance Booking Required.  Tour does not include hotel pick-up; departure will be from a convenient location in Delray Beach to be specified on your E-Ticket - about 20 miles south of Palm Beach.  Private tour pricing is per-group for the number of persons ordered, in US dollars.  Please order online or call us at 212-852-4822 to order or for more information.

There is a $6.95 USD processing fee per order. This is a flat fee regardless of the number of tickets or tours purchased on an order. There is a service charge per ticket. This charge will be reflected on your summary before you checkout. The total shown at checkout includes any fuel surcharges, service charges and tax. There are no additional charges, unless otherwise specified.

Tour / Activity Policies

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds. All sales are final.

Change Fee Policy: If changes are allowed on a tour or activity, a $20.00 per reservation change fee will be applied for any change to a reservation. Please note that some tours and activities do not allow any changes. Date changes can only be made only if we can confirm availability on the new date. While we cannot guarantee any changes can be made, all change requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the tour departure and must be handled on an individual basis through our Reservations Center.

Tour / Activity Description

COVID-19 Protocol Update

Facial coverings must be worn by all persons in public places where social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines is not possible.  Fully vaccinated people can participate in outdoor activities and recreation without a facial covering or mask, except in certain crowded settings and venues where there is a decreased ability to maintain physical distance. 


Trip Length

This four hour "half day" trip is a good one for first-time anglers or people traveling on vacation, a business trip or just passing through the area - who have a limited amount of time for a fishing experience.



  • If you are between the ages of 16 and 65, the State of Florida requires that you have a freshwater fishing license. Children under 16 and Seniors over 65 are not required to have one.
  • In Florida, licenses can be purchased at Bass Pro Shops, Wal-Mart or many local tackle shops. You also may order a license on the internet - just search "Florida fishing license."
  • A 3-day non-resident Fishing License is currently $17.00 plus tax. If you might want to do fishing for longer than a few days, one valid for the entire year is currently $34.00 plus tax. For Florida residents, an annual fishing license is required at a current cost of $17.00 plus tax. (Costs of fishing licenses are subject to change.)



  • Outstanding professional guide and fishing boat
  • All Fishing Gear - spinning rods, baitcasting rods, left or right-handed rods, braid and mono line (or you can bring your own)
  • Cooler, Ice and Bottled Water


Not Included:

  • Fishing Licenses
  • Hotel pick-up
  • Food and additional beverages are permitted but not included (alcoholic beverages are permitted)
  • Some optional live bait may require an additional fee and will be purchased the day of the tour
  • Guide Gratuity (optional, but greatly appreciated)


Amenities & Equipment Basics

  • Boats are 20+ feet, US Coast Guard certified and with a capacity of 4 guests
  • Life jackets, fuel, all fishing equipment and live bait are provided
  • Boats have fishing chairs, GPS and Fishfinder
  • Catch-and-release is allowed but keeping some fish is allowed within state laws (ask your captain/guide about which species)
  • Disabled-Friendly
  • Photos will be taken by your guide


What to Bring/Wear

  • Any required medications
  • Comfortable shoes - deck shoes, tennis shoes or sandals are the most comfortable footwear
  • Light colored shirt and during cooler months you should dress in layers
  • Hat
  • Rain gear
  • Polarized fishing glasses are preferred, but regular sunglasses are fine
  • Sunscreen
  • Don't Forget Your Fishing License(s)!


Fishing Techniques

  • Light tackle
  • Heavy tackle
  • Live bait
  • Artificial lures
  • Fly fishing (fly rods provided only on request, so if you want to use a fly rod provided by the guide, please specifically note that when ordering)


Lake Ida Fishing

Lake Ida in Palm Beach County, Florida is a year-round fishery due to great South Florida weather. Available species are Common Carp, Peacock Bass, Largemouth Bass, Clown Knife Fish, Panfish / Bluegill, Spotted Tilapia, Pickeral, Oscars and Sunshine Bass.

Many exotic fish including the peacock bass expanded to Lake Ida after several back-to-back warmer than average winters. The butterfly peacock is a world-renowned gamefish successfully introduced by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in the mid-1980s. An investment in the peacock bass was made to eat undesirable exotic fishes and provide more sportfishing opportunities for anglers near southeast Florida canals.

The E-4 Canal is one of the better largemouth bass areas and the nearby associated lakes and lateral canals provide excellent bluegill and redear sunfish fishing. The Boynton C-16 canals have more largemouth bass than most other southeast Florida canals and 30% are bigger than 14 inches. Overall, the average size of largemouth bass is 13.2 inches and 1.4 pounds. Fishing for largemouth bass in these areas tends to be best during the winter when the water temperatures are more relaxed and in the evening or early morning during the summer. Lakes Ida, Eden, and Lake Osborne are the prominent Sunshine bass areas that have been stocked. The depth of these areas and the shad population keep targeted to these areas.

In addition, E-4 Canal anglers can also catch several exotic fishes, including Oscars from South America, spotted tilapia from Africa, and Mayan cichlids from Central America. These exotic species were illegally released and posed a threat to native species. Oscars spotted tilapia and Mayan cichlids are all bream-shaped fishes. Oscars have a red or orange circle at the tail base and have a thick layer of protective mucus on their bodies. Spotted tilapia are golden with black vertical bars or spots, and some have red on them. Mayan cichlids are colorful and snapper-like in appearance, with a turquoise ring around a black spot at their tail base.

The quality of panfish in these systems is higher when compared to other area canals. But normal catching techniques can be used, crickets and live worms are common baits for many panfish anglers. Old reliable and conventional fresh bread dough balls still work well, are readily available, and cost less.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can there be on this fishing trip? -- The preferred and most comfortable is 1 or 2 persons, although 3 or 4 people per boat are often taken. 4 is the maximum. The limits are set by the US Coast Guard.

Can I bring my kids? -- Absolutely, freshwater fishing is perfect for kids. The action is consistent, the fish are plentiful. There are alligators, birds, snakes and other native species that can be seen. Restroom facilities are usually close by most fishing areas. The guides have no problem taking restroom breaks when needed and enjoy working with children and instructing them on various fishing techniques, so all family members are welcome. Children of all ages are welcome but they are considered part of the group size - so, for example, one adult and one child of any age would constitute a private tour of 2 persons.

Do I need any fishing experience? -- No, your guides have all the experience that is needed. They love teaching others about the sport and coaching you through it all. People may have never fished a day in their lives, but leave with a new understanding and an unforgettable experience.

What about the weather? -- In the summer it is hot and it can rain almost any day, but mostly in the afternoon. Be prepared. Put sunscreen on before the boat departs and bring rain gear if you have it. If not, the guides usually do. Watch the weather and be assured it is cooler on the water than land.

Is it rough out there? Will I get sea sick? -- No, you will never have to worry about sea sickness on this trip.

Does the guide fish? -- No, unless you specifically request it. Their job is to put you on the fish and give you the information you need to hook, fight and land your trophy fish. They've have done these thousands of times and know were the fish are, so there's no need for them to "test fish to locate them" on YOUR time!


48 Hours Minimum Advance Booking Required.  Tour does not include hotel pick-up; departure will be from a convenient location in Delray Beach to be specified on your E-Ticket - about 20 miles south of Palm Beach.  Private tour pricing is per-group for the number of persons ordered, in US dollars.  Please order online or call us at 212-852-4822 to order or for more information.

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